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As a childhood athlete, I have always had an affinity for sports and movement. Athletics, gymnastics and multiple other sports were a big part of life and more recently,

CrossFit and weightlifting. Nevertheless, injuries can happen to anyone and my own experiences with not only sports-related injuries but also extensive injuries due to a motor vehicle accident have highlighted the importance of using exercise and movement not only for rehabilitation but also for improving movement quality after injury. My own experiences and love of sports have guided me in choosing a career as a biokineticist, where I can now use what I have learned over many years to help others not only with sports injuries but also in dealing with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Client Testimonials.

While taking part in Crossfit, I noticed that I was not able to improve as much as I wanted due to some recurring knee and ankle pain. After seeing Es, she was able to pinpoint the causes and after only a few sessions incorporating a variety of exercises and mobility work, I have already seen marked improvements in my weightlifting abilities.

She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and has a great way of explaining and demonstrating every movement or exercise to me so that I do not only know exactly what to do, but also what the desired outcome or stimulus is.

She is also always very patient when it comes to my millions of questions. What really helped me as well as her experience with CrossFit so that she is able to give advice on what I should avoid or how I should rather move to avoid injury and how to help me improve. I would definitely recommend to anyone with even a slight niggle to make an appointment with

Es; the results I’ve seen so far have been amazing.

Gabriele Kruger